Black Dragon Capital is a growth driven private equity fund with a focus on technology investment opportunities in industries disrupted by the impact of digitization on individuals, groups and enterprises such as retail commerce, financial services, healthcare, and sports and media.

Our founder, managing director and CEO Louis Hernandez Jr. and our team of highly experienced and accomplished operational executives have track records of success that encompass early stage to multiple billion-dollar organizations in both public and private entities.

Our goal is to help build market leading companies that outperform their peers over time and solve their industries’ more significant issues. Black Dragon’s management and financial expertise enhances its ability to advise and mentor high-performance business operators.We believe the entrepreneurial spirit should be nurtured through example, and who better to understand the entrepreneurial dream than peers who have walked the walk and talked the talk.

Our three primary tools to help entrepreneurs are; the Black Dragon Leadership Index ™, a guidepost for hiring the best leaders at each position based upon the company’s stage of development and culture; The Black Dragon Way™, a set of values and ideas that shape a high growth, high performance and accountable culture; and The Black Dragon Playbook™, a set of guidelines to create sustainable market leading companies that are top market share gainers and high value enterprises.

Our approach incorporates values that emphasize entrepreneurship, and C-level executives as partners who have substantial experience in all phases of global growth and expansion. Black Dragon’s partners and advisors are leaders in the fields in which we invest, differentiating us from other private equity firms.

We seek established companies with strong recurring revenues typically between $5 to $50 million that are profitable and have positive cash flow.

We prefer a significant position in the companies we invest in, including board representation and the ability to leverage distribution and synergies across portfolio companies. Our close contact with the CEOs of clients, distributors and vendors in our target industries gives us an unparalleled network of significant referral opportunities.

Timothy Greenfield

Partner, Black Dragon Capital

“We've bought companies. We've sold companies.  We've started companies. We've scaled businesses. We've succeeded, we failed. As a result, entrepreneurs have the benefit of all our experience.”

William Dalton

Advisor, Black Dragon Capital

“The Black Dragon formula is simple. Get the right people with the right backgrounds and the right experiences involved in the right investments … and watch great things happen.”