What are CEOs doing to attract and retain workers?

CEOs were asked: Qualified talent is getting harder to come by. What perks, besides higher pay, have you begun offering to attract and retain employees?  We offer a competitive portfolio of benefits, including tuition remission, healthcare benefits, contributions to retirement plans, and personal enrichment opportunities, along with a positive work environment…

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Most CEOs say salaries will increase in 2019

MIAMI HERALD CEOs were asked: Did you increase pay in 2018, and do you plan to increase pay in 2019? Why or why not? We increased pay in 2018 to reflect a rise in the consumer price index and also to ensure that our compensation for health care providers is competitive with that offered in…

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Most say CEOs PortMiami should expand more, without hurting the fragile eco-­‐system

Miami Herald BUSINESS MONDAY CEOs were asked: PortMiami was dredged three years ago at a cost of $205 million to accommodate mega ships. Now PortMiami, which had a record year in terms of cargo and passengers, wants to enlarge the port even more. Where do you stand? Read more here:

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