Dragon Performance Group

Overview: Dragon Performance GroupSM

Black Dragon CapitalSM is committed to supporting operating entrepreneurs, helping to create market-leading companies, and providing proven tools that drive value at its portfolio companies. Accordingly, Black DragonSM has created the Dragon Performance GroupSM (DPG), a dedicated team of expert professionals that work alongside portfolio company senior management teams to help them realize their potential.

As a Black Dragon CapitalSM affiliate, DPG helps portfolio company leaders shape a sustainable, performance-oriented culture within their enterprises. More broadly, DPG seeks to meet some of the most significant needs of the industries Black DragonSM focuses on.

DPG leverages Black Dragon ToolkitSM, comprised of the Black Dragon Leadership IndexSM, the Black Dragon PlaybookSM and the Black Dragon WaySM. These approaches have been refined and sharpened through Black Dragon leaders’ decades of operating experience.


Why Dragon Performance GroupSM Exists


Dragon Performance GroupSM grows out of our own experiences as entrepreneurs. Many investors promised to and probably wanted to, help our cause. But they just didn’t have the tools or experience to help in a meaningful way. Other investors assigned passive former executives to us, and they didn’t have the economic incentive to dig in the way entrepreneurs do.

So Black DragonSM created a program in which experienced executives, who are experts in their fields and know the pain, joy, sacrifice, and challenges of leading a growth company, are financially incentivized to devote the time, energy, and insight to working hand-in-hand with management teams – to actually do much of the work it takes to create value at a portfolio company.


The Dragon Performance GroupSM Team


The Dragon Performance GroupSM team is made up of strategic, financial, industry, managerial, and operational experts, business leaders, and market influencers. It provides expertise across an array of disciplines, including leadership assessment, market analysis, pricing and packaging, competitive analysis, technology, and financial management.


Business Transformation – The Process


Black Dragon Capital’s ultimate goal for its portfolio companies is business transformation– going beyond improving revenue and reducing costs and doing what it takes to achieve market leadership.  The Dragon Performance GroupSM does this by applying Black Dragon’s proven and systematic toolkit to portfolio companies.


Here is how this work unfolds:


  • DPG’s involvement starts well before any investment is made, working with the Black DragonSM investment team to understand the investment thesis, dynamics and value-enhancement potential of a prospective portfolio company.
  • After investment, DPG works with the company’s management team to set the strategic framework and use the Black Dragon ToolkitSM to align people, plan and process.
  • Throughout the transformation, the DPG team continues to share experiences, monitor the business and help measure results. There are weekly calls and monthly meetings, and DPG provides a continuous stream of suggestions and support to management but endeavors not to distract or intervene.


Other Benefits


Engaging with the Dragon Performance GroupSM helps Black DragonSM portfolio companies and their leaders:

  • Enhance focuson what matters most.
  • Access guidance and mentorship.
  • Secure resources, like employees, partners or end customers, through doors that the DPG team can open.
  • Improve results.

In the end, only a fellow entrepreneur who has worked in the same industry, with similar issues and challenges understands the sacrifice, loneliness, and joy of building a market-leading company that you can be proud of.  We can’t promise that this will happen for all our management teams or our investments, but we’ll do everything we can to make it a reality.

Hernando Torres

President & Chief Executive Officer, ASIGroup

“I’ve seen the power of The Black Dragon Playbook™, which includes contacts and networking for new deals, product planning insights, leadership development, templates for valuable financial management, strategic planning and marketing. They deliver the whole nine yards and it’s impressive.”


Rick Chavie

Chief Executive Officer, Enterworks

“Black Dragon came in and within two weeks had a great strategy around financial focus. Within three months, Louis, Tim and Black Dragon helped secure one of our biggest wins with Restoration Hardware.”

Raj Swaminathan

Chief Executive Officer, Indus Software

“They know our business and our challenges. They know what it takes to build a global product company. Therefore, the quantity of cash that comes into the company is of significant higher merit and value to us.”

William Dalton

Former Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Bank; Advisor, Black Dragon Capital

“The Black Dragon formula is simple. Get the right people with the right backgrounds and the right experiences involved in the right investments … and watch great things happen.”