Our Strategy

Black Dragon Capital’s thesis driven investment strategy is based on our outlook for technology trends in markets being disrupted by digitization where we have operational and investment expertise. We then focus on transitional technologies in e-commerce, healthcare, financial services and sports and media segments that we feel will help lead the respective industries’ digital transformation.

We work with the leaders to drive above market growth and value using our operational tools that are proprietary to Black Dragon Capital.

Black Dragon is unique in that we don’t have a minimum investment level or equity structure requirement. We offer our portfolio companies first-hand expert advice, access to customers and partners, and seasoned board-level professionals to help them navigate through their growth cycles as we execute the strategies to create market leading companies.

Timothy Greenfield

Partner, Black Dragon Capital

“We've bought companies. We've sold companies.  We've started companies. We've scaled businesses. We've succeeded, we failed. As a result, entrepreneurs have the benefit of all our experience.”

William Dalton

Advisor, Black Dragon Capital

“The Black Dragon formula is simple. Get the right people with the right backgrounds and the right experiences involved in the right investments … and watch great things happen.”