A Minority-Led, Technology-Focused Private Equity Firm


Black Dragon Capital, LLC is a minority-founder-led private equity firm. We make control investments in technology companies. Black Dragon was formed by technology operating executives with a track record of building market leading companies and providing above market investment returns.

Black Dragon focuses on growth companies in industries disrupted by digitization, including digital commerce, financial services, healthcare, and technology and content management for sports, media, and entertainment.  Investments are predicated on Black Dragon’s deep understanding of the impact digitization has on workflow, technology, economics, and the human factors behind the transformation of the digital landscape.

Our goal is to help build market leading companies that outperform their peers over time and solve their industries’ more significant challenges. Black Dragon’s management and financial expertise fuels our ability to advise and mentor high-performance business operators. We believe the entrepreneurial spirit should be nurtured through example. Who better to understand the entrepreneurial dream than peers who have walked the walk and talked the talk?

Timothy Greenfield

Partner, Black Dragon Capital

“We've bought companies. We've sold companies.  We've started companies. We've scaled businesses. We've succeeded, we failed. As a result, entrepreneurs have the benefit of all our experience.”

William Dalton

Former Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Bank; Advisor, Black Dragon Capital

“The Black Dragon formula is simple. Get the right people with the right backgrounds and the right experiences involved in the right investments … and watch great things happen.”

Louis Hernandez Jr.

Founder, CEO and Managing Director, Black Dragon Capital

I founded Black Dragon Capital out of my passion for building market leading companies and working with dedicated entrepreneurs focused on shaping industries.