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Black Dragon Capital℠ Forms New FinTech Fund Enabling Credit Unions to Participate and Benefit from Future Technologies

MIAMI, Feb. 23, 2023.

New FinTech Fund leverages the technology and operating experience of renowned industry experts Benson Porter, recognized industry leader, and Louis Hernandez, Jr., award winning entrepreneur and investor, who will be Co-Chairs of new Fund.

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Multi-phased investment firm Black Dragon Capital℠ (“BDC,” “Black Dragon”) today announced the formation of a new FinTech Fund benefiting credit unions. Led by Black Dragon Capital℠ Founder and CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr., and Black Dragon Capital℠ Executive Advisor Benson Porter, this newly formed fund is structured to serve the unique needs of credit unions and aims to provide a new vehicle for credit unions to participate and create opportunities from new, disruptive technologies.  Porter and Hernandez will serve as Co-Chairs of the new Fund.

Black Dragon Capital℠ is a high-performing firm focused on advanced technologies in high growth segments that strengthen economic stability within communities. Its diverse team combines intense operating experience, community impact focus, and a proven history of successful investing to create results.

The creation of the FinTech Fund is another milestone in BDC’s continued global expansion. The fund reflects the firm’s unique approach by creating an unmatched platform that will enable members of the credit union industry to identify and leverage new technologies. It aims to rekindle the industry-wide innovation which CUSOs brought to the credit union movement by providing credit unions with a new approach that leans into disruptive technologies.

Leading this innovative fund are two prominent names in the credit union and technology industries: Louis Hernandez, Jr. and Benson Porter. Both have led successful organizations at the forefront of innovative solutions for credit unions and their members. Hernandez and Porter also have a long-standing professional friendship of over two decades which has resulted in multiple successful projects, including Open Solutions and the First Tech and BECU organizations. Therefore, this new fund will be built on their proven record of success.

“Benson and I have spent most of our careers fighting for and participating in the credit union movement.  We feel this operational approach to investing, combined with the social impact will make the credit union movement more competitive and provide the communities they serve with higher returns and economic stability.  I couldn’t be more excited about the project and partnering with Benson!” said Louis Hernandez, Jr. Founder of Black Dragon, and Co-Chair of the Fintech Fund.

“While coming from different parts of the industry, we are aligned in our goal to see credit unions succeed in the face of rapid changing technology and consumer experiences,” said Porter, Co-Chair of the FinTech Fund.

About Black Dragon Capital℠
Black Dragon Capital℠ (BDC) is a multi-phased investment firm focused on advanced technologies in high growth segments that strengthen economic stability within communities.  The firm was founded and led by a diverse team with a combination of intense operating experience, community impact focus, and a track record of successful investing.  They work closely with entrepreneurs to build market leading companies using their proprietary Black Dragon Toolkit℠ and focus on high potential early stage, and mid-market technology companies in growth sectors disrupted by digitization.  

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