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Dooley Awadalla


Dooley Awadalla has been a Senior Executive, Collaborator, Business Developer, Entrepreneur, and Board Member of leading brands as well as global and regional financial institutions. He is recognized for his ability to identify the key strategic objectives of a business and to efficiently establish their presence in complex and fast-changing international marketplaces.

Dooley is a Swiss citizen with residences in France, Germany, The United Kingdom, and Sudan. He holds a BA in International Economics from Franklin College in Lugano and a Master of Business Administration from Long Island University in New York City. Apart from his devotion to mastering languages, he enjoys current affairs, motorsport, traveling, music, and gastronomy.

Dooley has extensive experience being at the forefront of growing profitable, market leading services, and solutions. He applies his two-and-a-half-decade long experience in Private Asset Management at globally leading financial institutions to his current line of entrepreneurial ventures. He also acts as a consultant for businesses, family offices, sovereign entities, and investment funds on the raising and management of capital. Fluent in English, French, German, Arabic and Italian, Dooley is an expert in multicultural and multidimensional team leadership. He is a natural leader and communicator within cross-cultural, global entities and can diligently implement strategies, aligned with a focused vision, to drive sustainable growth and deliver business objectives.

Dooley has over 25 years of experience in international business and banking, holding management positions in HSBC, Bank Piguet & Cie, as well as the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. In 2010 he joined his family business (Bluebell Holdings Ltd.), the exclusive agents in Sudan, South Sudan and other growth and emerging market regions, for various European companies, including Lufthansa GmbH, Ampegon SA (previously Thompson SA) and Pharos Energy Plc (previously SOCO International Plc). In 2016, Bluebell Holdings became the exclusive agents for the Addax and Oryx Group in Ethiopia, Sudan, and South Sudan, achieving over 2b USD in turnover since it’s inauguration. His most recent endeavors have led him to launch Lanya SQS in the UAE, which acts as the exclusive agent for the SGS group of companies in Sudan and South Sudan.

At the family businesses, Dooley employs over 60 people between Juba, Khartoum, and Port Sudan representing SGS Group and Addax and Oryx Group as country agents with full operational capacity. Working out of Geneva, Dooley acts as a liaison or “relationship manager” to the companies that the family represents, including overseeing all administration and the day-to-day coordination between partners and local offices.

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