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Biggest influence on CEOs’ careers? Most say it was their fathers

Miami Herald November 19, 2018

The question: In three to four sentences at the most, tell us who, or what, has been the biggest influence (for good or bad) on your career.

I was fortunate to grow up with a supportive family. My parents are the children of immigrants who worked hard to live the dream of equal opportunity and to lead successful and prosperous lives. Their words and actions are instilled in me to respect our elders, work hard, honor family, focus on education, and give back to the community. From this upbringing I learned to believe in myself, which is critical for an entrepreneur, and to be compassionate and invest in people who share my convictions and want to help me on the things that I want to improve about the world.

Louis Hernandez Jr., Founder and CEO of Black Dragon Capital℠