Black Dragon’s Sustainability Vision

Black Dragon believes that economic stability equals social stability. We have always had a deep commitment to the communities we invest in and our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices reaffirm our objective of creating positive impact within these communities while providing high returns to our fund investors.

We use our operating experience to help entrepreneurs create companies that can successfully navigate digital disruption. Our focus is on improving operations and leveraging technology in ways that can positively impact social and economic stability within an industry. We aspire to deliver outstanding returns for investors, while creating economic stability in the communities we serve.   

We prioritize investments in companies that are leaders in addressing material ESG topics related to environmental sustainability and resource efficiency, equitable societies and respect for human rights, accountable governance and transparent operations. We aim to partner with key actors within communities, who care about economic and social stability and growth, to help build technology clusters in key regions throughout the world to transfer technology, intellectual property and high paying technology jobs to underdeveloped regions.  . Our investment decisions intend to encourage social and economic benefits to the regions where they are placed, creating value for all stakeholders. 


This vision reflects a general framework for our approach to ESG across our operations and investment decisions. However, we acknowledge that varying investment strategies may entail certain nuances to be applied to this general approach.  

In cases where Black Dragon has a limited ability to influence and control the consideration of ESG issues in connection with an investment, we will ensure that the elements of this vision will be tailored to fit stakeholders’ needs in order to yield positive results. For instance, those cases in which Black Dragon is a minority shareholder or has limited governance rights.