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Black Dragon Capital is led by a team of investment, operating, and technology professionals with strong financial backgrounds, operating experience, and track records of applying capital mandates for early-stage, expansion-focused, and leveraged buyout situations in both private and public companies.


Louis Hernandez Jr., Founder, Managing Director and CEO


Louis Hernandez Jr. is a highly experienced technology investor and executive, corporate board member, author, and philanthropist. He works closely with Black Dragon Capital portfolio companies to create market leaders.

Hernandez guides Black Dragon using an operationally led and thesis-driven approach. Investments are predicated on the firm’s deep understanding of the impact digitization has on workflow, technology, economics, and human factors driving the transformation of the digital landscape.

Hernandez has led several companies that were in the Black Dragon portfolio. He served as chairman and CEO of Avid Technology, Inc., a leading developer of advanced technology for media originally focused on content creation for film, video, and music. He led Avid through a major transformation, restructuring the organization and diversifying the product mix to improve margins, remake the cost structure, and return the company to profitability. The turnaround involved innovative new products, a new digital strategy, cost efficiencies, workforce optimization, and the establishment of predictable, stable revenue streams, all while the company was undergoing a nine-year financial restatement. Under Hernandez, Avid also achieved a dramatic improvement in ethnic and gender diversity.

Hernandez was also chairman and CEO of Open Solutions, an award-winning banking technology leader whose DNA core processing system helped reshape the global landscape for banking technology. The company is now part of Fiserv. Open Solutions was for years one of the world’s fastest-growing enterprise banking systems.

He has served on the boards of global companies, including Edison International and HSBC Holdings, and has advised global organizations, such as Infosys and KPMG.

The 501(c)3 philanthropic foundation that Hernandez established, Louis Hernandez Jr.’s Foundation For A Bright Future, focuses on equal opportunity for children. It provides scholarships and support for education, healthcare, arts, and leadership development programs.

Hernandez is the author of three books: Saving the American Dream, Too Small to Fail, and The Storyteller’s Dilemma.

Louis Hernandez Jr.

Founder, CEO, and Managing Director, Black Dragon Capital

“We believe the entrepreneurial spirit should be nurtured through experienced execution and is best understood and optimized by peers who have walked-the-walk and talked-the-talk in the same industries that we invest in.”

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