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Black Dragon Capital(SM) and his Eminence Cardinal Müller’s Dominus Jesus Association Leverage Impact Investing for Social Good with Multi-phased Pioneering Initiative

MIAMI, Apr. 11, 2023.

Black Dragon Capital and Dominus Jesus Association launch a pioneering multi-year sacred business partnership aiming to foster social advancement in multiple global communities.

ROME, April 11, 2023. High-performing investment firm Black Dragon Capital (“Black Dragon,” “BDC”) and with the blessing of the Vatican’s Eminence, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, who was elevated by Pope Francis, and his Dominus Jesus Association announced today the formation of a sacred technology multi-phased pioneering initiative established to further “God’s Work” and provide a platform to continue to serve communities and families around the world.

The announcement comes after Black Dragon Capital and Dominus Jesus Foundation entered a historic multi-year sacred business partnership to support economic growth and social advancement across global regions this past January. The firm was also recently awarded by the Dominus Jesus Association for their support of projects in partnership with the Vatican’s Eminence, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller.

Our sacred relationship’s pioneering initiative is focused on the social good through advanced support by bringing a technology ecosystem to underserved areas, creating social and economic stability in key regions around the world. It will be creating jobs in low-income areas all around the world, with focus on high-density Catholic populations, by providing support in early stage to mid-market technology companies in areas where Black Dragon has direct operating and investment expertise, and where the lead Partner of this initiative believes that it can have a positive impact on the operations of the company in addition to the societal benefit.  

Black Dragon Capital is founded and led by a diverse leadership team with a unique combination of intense operating expertise, socially responsible investing, and an impressive track record of investment success.  The firm’s investments in growth sectors that are disrupted by digitization has created a proven approach to launching and developing high potential early-stage companies. It also places a special focus on investing in technology areas that address social issues and strengthening economic diversity within communities.

The Black Dragon Capital team has made a special emphasis on diversity and investing in socially responsible areas highlighted by its founder’s community centric 501 (C) 3 organization, Louis Hernandez, Jr.’s For A Bright Future Foundation. Through its programs, For A Bright Future Foundation focuses on the needs of underprivileged and underserved communities in healthcare, economic development, education, leadership development and the arts. Both Black Dragon Capital and For A Bright Future Foundation have a shared vision of a better world anchored in these areas with the partnership with the Vatican’s Eminence, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller and his Dominus Jesus Association where the goal is to achieve economic and social advancement for those who need it most.

Black Dragon’s pioneering initiative ultimately aims to empower the less fortunate by improving their economic, social, and spiritual wellbeing through impact support.

“I’m really honored to partner with the Vatican’s Eminence, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller and his Dominus Jesus Association, to do God’s work around the world. I’m excited to take my knowledge as an entrepreneur, a technologist, and an educator to help underprivileged communities around the world gain economic stability. As a man of faith, it means a lot to me that God has asked me to serve in this way,” said Louis Hernandez, Jr. Founder and CEO of Black Dragon Capital.

“I hope that this sacred partnership can take us very, very far, reaching all parts of the world, bringing a little hope and well-being to all people in need and with problems of various kinds,” said Giovanni Petrocci, President, Dominus Jesus Association.

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Black Dragon Capital has created a unique approach to launching and developing early-stage companies. Black Dragon was formed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and operators, with a track record of successful investing. With an emphasis on diversity, they focus on high potential early-stage companies, and have an entire team dedicated to helping every aspect of the company’s growth and development.

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