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Louis Hernandez and his commitment to Technology

June 01, 2020

Louis Hernandez Jr., founder, president, and CEO of Black Dragon Capital℠ highlighted the characteristics of his company, now the owner of Grass Valley, with which he aspires to maintain a relationship between the benefits of technology and its positive effects on consumers.

Black Dragon invests in digital-only technology, sports, and media, banking and e-commerce; in essence, anywhere where the product or service is being digitized or the consumption of the service is being digitized, and this tends to collapse the workflow and the technology that was once held now is overwhelmed by this new intimacy between the seller and buyer. We try to find market winners in that transition, invest and help them grow, that’s what Black Dragon invests in.

Louis Hernandez Jr., Founder and CEO of Black Dragon Capital℠

On the new realities of Grass Valley, he stressed: “Grass Valley is a fantastic brand, has a worldwide distribution, is recognized as the most reliable and trustworthy innovator in the industry. What I like is the widest range of products, I would say the widest range of products in the industry. It is number one or two in each and every one of the categories in which it participates. It has a lot of the best and brightest people in the world, I am very impressed by the people there and their leadership team. I must say that in our interviews with clients and friends, it is evident that he has an outstanding reputation. ”

*The content of this article is in Spanish and translated to English (above).