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Louis Hernandez of Black Dragon Capital℠: “We look for leaders that transform and inspire the industry”

Monday, September 24, 2018

Black Dragon Capital℠ is a venture that not only has positioned itself as the investment fund with the best performance in the market, but it is a new model to promote leaders that change the industry, said Louis Hernandez, CEO of the company.

Louis Hernandez, who for five years was CEO of Avid and who led to a profound transformation of the company, spoke with PRODU about the work and vision of Black Dragon Capital℠ to finance projects that change the face of content technology.

What I wanted to do is help other entrepreneurs to succeed in their businesses and that’s why I associated myself with people who already had that capital. The concept is: entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs to be successful that help develop a business. Whether we invest in media or technology companies, we will only invest in companies that we know will be successful.

Louis Hernandez Jr., Founder and CEO of Black Dragon Capital℠

“Up to now we have 13 investments in which we have been successful with good return on profits. We are in 5 percent of the funds that have the best performance.”

He said that the projects they support are because they are convinced that they solve a big problem in the community, and they must be sure that the businessman tries to help the industry.

“They have to have the character to lead and inspire, we do not like the industries dominant but those that inspire,” he said.

*Content translated from Spanish into English (above)