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The Acceleration of Cloud Adoption


For the past decade, businesses have been migrating mission-critical applications and data from on-premises data centers to the cloud. Companies farther along that path were better prepared to maintain business continuity during the pandemic, but nearly all businesses have found gaps in their cloud strategies. During the coming months, cloud migration will become more urgent as business continuity planning accelerates the digitization of all sectors of our economy.


Just as the adoption of electricity and the completion of nationwide rail networks enabled the spread of the industrial revolution, the internet and cloud infrastructure have been catalysts to the digital revolution; and the global pandemic has acted as an accelerant. The fundamental economic changes being wrought of Disruption 2.0 presented in Digital Disruption: 2.0 A Global Tech Tsunami remain the same, but the speed of change has picked up.

The world has changed dramatically over the past few weeks as the global economy screeched to a halt. Every company on the planet has been affected. We showed in The Digital Tsunami Has Hit – What to Know About the Next Wave of Disruption and the New Ecosystem for Business – how the economy is being collapsed into a single, digital ecosystem. This ecosystem enables a previously unimaginable level of business agility. Those industries and companies further along the evolutionary path have been able to maintain a higher level of business continuity while facing work from home mandates.

Black Dragon Capital℠ invests exclusively in sports and media, eCommerce, and financial technology industries where digital disruption is already underway. As we’ve learned, the more the final product or service is digitized and the more its delivery is digital, the faster the entire workflow can be digitized. Once celebrated technologies and processes often are overwhelmed in the process…