Our principles have been driven by our perspective as builders of technology companies, with diverse backgrounds and our emphasis on impact investing. 

The Black Dragon Code℠ is a commitment we make to each other on how we will work together and the standard we will set for ourselves.  Some selected components to that code include:

Lead and Inspire

We lead in our assigned roles and inspire others to follow our ideas. We do not seek to dominate anyone, only to solve problems in ways that motivate others to join our cause. 

Reward Loyalty

We choose our family members carefully.  We cherish and embrace loyalty to our cause and each other.  Loyalty to our family is one of our most valued assets. Loyalty is for life.

Work Hard

We have a strong work ethic and an intensity for winning.  We will work harder here than in anything else that we have ever done.

Set a High Standard

We hold ourselves and each other to a high standard of performance.  We demonstrate our standard through our contributions to the family.  We never stop improving and learning for ourselves and our family. 

Seek Challenge

We are honored to be able to choose what we work on and the industries we shape.  We seek challenging opportunities where we can make a difference and improve the community we serve.  Pressure reveals our character and passion.  We embrace the benefits of being challenged to achieve more. 

Embrace Purpose

Align your purpose with ours.  Our goal to create great companies that shape industries creates a bias towards action and significant impact.  Our work should inspire your senses and stimulate your soul. 

Give Back

We find ways to give back to communities that contributed to our success and are socially important. Social stability is enhanced by our active engagement with our community. 

Diversity Strategy

We were founded by a diverse manager and have highly diverse team. We understand the benefits of diversity of thought, ideas, experience and backgrounds. These differences allow us to create more compelling ideas for operational and investing improvements.

Share Wisdom

We are always open-minded, embrace new ideas and the best solutions no matter who or where they come from.  Diversity of people, thought and ideas are pursued actively.  We remain objective and respect the facts to guide us.

Be Courageous

We do not back down from what we believe in.  We are tenacious and persevere until we achieve what we believe in.  We are adaptable and find new ways to win in the face of brutal facts.   

Our Commitment

We use our operating experience to help entrepreneurs create companies that navigate digital disruption, improve operations, and stabilize the economics — resulting in greater social stability.