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Black Dragon Capital Launches International Cybersecurity Coalition

Featuring former leaders from the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, Israeli Mossad, and German Federal Intelligent Services, the group will work with state-level organizations to launch disruptive cybersecurity solutions.

MIAMI, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Black Dragon CapitalSM (“Black DragonSM” or “BDC”), the premier operator-led private equity firm investing in sectors disrupted by digitization, today announced the launch of an international cybersecurity coalition that brings together a world-class team of geopolitical leaders, cyber defense experts, innovative business operators, and global capital to protect mission-critical business infrastructures from the next generation of organized cyberattacks.

As cyber threats continue to increase in frequency and intensity – many of which are backed by Iran, Russia, and others who seek to destabilize the global economy – companies around the world are at greater risk than ever of attacks that put their ongoing viability at risk. To combat this, Black Dragon Capital has created a globally connected ecosystem of cyber expertise, technological capabilities, and shared innovation that work together to ensure the security of global technology, media, and commerce.

Black Dragon Capital has significant operational and investment experience in high growth sectors being disrupted by digitization. This disruption often impacts the operations and the economics of those sectors. This accelerating digitization also allows bad actors to disrupt industries and regions with increased and more targeted cyber threats.  This has an increasing impact on our connected global community.

Over the past few months, Black Dragon Capital has brought together an exceptional team that will help us deliver our vision. The team includes, among others, General (Ret.) Keith B. Alexander, who formerly served as Four Star General with the U.S. Army, Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), and Chief of the Central Security Services (CSS), as well as formers leaders of the Mossad, NSA, Federal Intelligent Services in Germany, IDF-8200 and more. Working closely together, we are putting in place a global structure that will enable us to explore new disruptive approaches.

“The private sector is facing increasing cyberattacks from criminal organizations and a growing number of state sponsored hackers,” said General (Ret.) Keith Alexander. “Given the ever-changing nature of these attacks, the cyber solutions of today do not effectively protect against the threats of tomorrow. To protect their IP, digital assets, infrastructure, and revenue, companies need a new approach that combines best-in-class state-level cybersecurity solutions into a holistic platform that includes various sensors and proactive interceptors. Through Black Dragon Capital, we have brought together the right team and technology to implement a new, innovative approach to solving these challenges.”

“Cyberattacks on global markets are causing meaningful financial and socio-economic damage,” said Louis Hernandez Jr., Founder, Managing Partner, and CEO of Black Dragon Capital. “Concerningly, many businesses are unprepared to develop cyber technology that proactively protects from these threats. I’m excited to bring together an exceptional group of global active advisors as Black Dragon Capital leads the way in protecting industries around the world from ever-intensifying digital threats.”

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Black Dragon Capital℠ (“BDC”) is a high-performing private equity firm founded and led by a diverse manager and team who have a track-record of outstanding operating and investment success. The firm makes control investments in mid-market technology companies in growth sectors disrupted by digitization. They work closely with entrepreneurs to build market-leading companies using their proprietary Black Dragon Toolkit℠.

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