FinTech (CUSO) Fund

The Black Dragon Capital FinTech (CUSO) Fund


A multi-phased technology investment fund focused on investing in one of our core sectors of expertise – FinTech, to deliver successful digital transformation, unlock value for investors and end-consumers, and bring credit unions and community financial institutions back to the center of commerce for their communities.

An Unmatched Ecosystem

We started as entrepreneurs and investors: creating the technology, leading companies, forming successful FinTech CUSOs, forming technology innovation centers and leading credit unions. The Fund will expand its unique synergistic ecosystem, bringing together recognized leaders from the credit union movement as investors and advisors, respected leaders of financial technology companies, targeted innovation centers that partner with credit union investors, and investments in the most advanced financial technology from around the world, that addresses the strategic issues faced by credit unions and community oriented financial institutions in North America. We have done this successfully for decades. We also have nonprofit capabilities: For a Bright Future Foundation works in parallel bringing hands-on technology labs (e.g. media and fintech) to underserved high schools. 

A Unique Approach to Investing

Our operations-led approach enables our team to combine the investment knowledge of most firms with the unique skills and insights required to build great companies. We create, operate, and lead financial technology companies from early stage to billion-dollar organizations.  We have built companies around the world and have access to the latest technology anywhere to benefit North American credit unions and community oriented financial institutions.  We can interpret the needs of credit unions into strong investments, because of our technology and financial services experience. 

Investment Flexibility Drives Value and Returns

Our multi-phase thesis-based strategy allows us the most flexibility to enter a sector at the right value, and the right stage of development, successfully balancing risk and opportunity. We can have one or more investments in a selected sector or an early and late-stage investment.  Like operators, we like the agility and flexibility to drive value for our investors on our terms. 

Experience at Scale

Our founder alone created over $3 Billion(1) in value as an entrepreneur, including almost $1 Billion[1] as Chairman and CEO of Open Banking Solutions (creator of DNA core system), and the Founder of Payveris, a digital payments company.  He completed mergers and acquisition activities totaling approximately $3.6 Billion[1] before starting Black Dragon Capital. The former credit union CEOs who are part of our team have significant track records of growth and expansion deploying technology to benefit members and their communities. We have a history at delivering strong returns and value and can scale for the long term. 

Deep Domain and Operating Expertise

The Black Dragon team is a diverse mix of renowned professionals who have combined industry, operational, and investment success in financial technology and financial services with special focus on credit unions and community oriented financial institutions. Our team has led some of the most recognized FinTechs and Credit Unions in the industry, executing and driving value for members, investors, and the community. 

An Emphasis on Diversity: A history of well above Market Returns

The Black Dragon Team’s diversity in people, backgrounds and ideas has resulted in consistent well above market returns and growth in our portfolio enterprise value.  At Black Dragon Capital, our strategy focuses on how we can best help the industry and optimize returns. By doing so, we have been able to deploy $320 million in all forms of capital since 2020 and delivered well above realized returns. 

Part of the Community

We have been part of this community for decades with a history of focusing on initiatives with a strong social and economic impact on communities we serve. This includes creating technology, writing books, speaking, white papers, legislative influence on behalf of the credit union movement.  We believe in using technology to advance the cause of community oriented financial institutions. 

A Proven Toolkit for Building Companies

Our proprietary Black Dragon Toolkit℠ has helped us launch and build successful, market-leading companies from initial launch to multi-million-dollar technology companies.  We have created recognized award-winning financial technology, market leading companies and led some of the most innovative credit unions in the industry.   

Privileged Deal Sourcing

Our vast web of primary industry contacts from years of building trusted relationships translates to a unique and strong proprietary deal flow from around the world, allowing us to identify compelling opportunities for to invest in to benefit credit unions and community oriented financial institutions in North America.   

Note [1]: The numbers and calculations are available for investors in the investor data room as part of due diligence.  This is not related to Black Dragon Capital, but to Mr. Hernandez before starting Black Dragon Capital.  

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