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Louis Hernandez Jr.’s Foundation For A Bright Future Announces Inaugural Healthcare Scholarship

Award highlights important role Healthcare working provides to society.

MIAMI, Sept. 21, 2020.

Louis Hernandez Jr.’s Foundation For A Bright Future, a 501 (C)(3), nonprofit organization that supports the needs of underprivileged children, announced today the inaugural Healthcare Scholarship is available to students from low-income families who seek a career in direct healthcare roles.

Scholarship candidates will be on a path to provide excellent healthcare services and community engagement to the next generation of youth. In addition to the scholarship, candidates will receive mentoring from successful health professionals and administrators. The selection committee, chaired by Louis Hernandez Jr., Founder and Chairman of the Board, and Dr. Daniel Diver, Former Chief of Cardiology of St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT, and advisor to Black Dragon Capital.

“For generations, Healthcare workers have been the silent heroes to our society committing their lives and careers to keeping us safe and healthy. Now more than ever, this commitment to a greater cause is a reminder of how important Healthcare workers are to all of us. These brave and committed members of our community are our neighbors, our friends, and our relatives and represent all ranges of our society,” said Louis Hernandez Jr., Founder and Chairman of the Board.

“It’s an honor to provide support to students pursuing an education in healthcare. It has become an important calling for many healthcare practitioners to contribute meaningfully to our society.  I’m excited to participate in For A Bright Future’s scholarship efforts. I’ve seen first-hand the incredible value direct healthcare workers provide and am glad to see so many young people interested in the field,” said Dr. Diver. 

Louis Hernandez Jr.’s Foundation For A Bright Future scholarship program offers a variety of annual scholarships to under-privileged or under-represented groups with a track record of outstanding achievement. These scholarships are based upon specific fields of study or specific life circumstances. The Scholarships are granted based upon assessment of need and university selection. 

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Louis Hernandez Jr.’s Foundation For A Bright Future is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting the needs of underrepresented and underprivileged children through education, healthcare, the arts, and youth leadership development. Our initiatives provide equal opportunity for all children to have the tools and opportunities to fulfill their life goals and become constructive members of our global community.

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SOURCE Louis Hernandez Jr.’s Foundation For A Bright Future

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