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2023Year founded 2023Year invested

VEEP is a socially responsible SaaS based HR and Payments technology platform, designed to allow hourly employees, under-privileged and under-represented wage earners to access earned wages faster and at a lower cost than other exploitive alternatives, without exposing critical personal information about the employee.

The company has created a proprietary HR retention and payment network that provides employers with an advanced technology platform that creates a powerful employee retention tool.

VEEP allows hourly employees to access earned wages as they are earned, at a dramatically lower cost, securely through the regulated community banking network, while avoiding any sale of personal information about the employee. This allows all wage earners, particularly underprivileged and underrepresented groups, to better manage their cash needs between traditional pay periods.

VEEP’s powerful tool provides incredible benefits to employees while allowing employers to increase retention and lower long term employee costs resulting in better service to their customers. 

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