The Black Dragon Toolkit℠ 

Our proprietary Black Dragon Toolkit℠ is a methodology that has a proven track record of converting mid-market technology companies into market leaders. We have achieved significant success in working with companies as they navigate high-growth industries undergoing significant disruption from digitization.

The Toolkit is comprised of the areas listed below.

The Black Dragon Playbook℠

The Black Dragon Playbook℠ is an analytic framework for managing downside risk and fully realizing upside possibilities. It serves as a set of guidelines for portfolio company leaders and their collaborators in the creation of sustainable, market-leading, high-value enterprises.

The Black Dragon Leadership Index℠

The Black Dragon Leadership Index℠ provides a framework for hiring the best leaders at each position based upon the portfolio company’s stage of development. It quickly identifies and evaluates current and future leaders on a range of criteria, both hard (such as track record in hitting performance targets) and soft (such as emotional intelligence).

The Black Dragon Way℠ 

The Black Dragon Way℠ is a set of values and ideas that define and shape a high-growth, high-performance, highly accountable culture. The Black Dragon Way helps embed that kind of culture in all portfolio companies.

As a minority-founded and diverse-led private equity firm, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion.

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