Black Dragon Performance Group℠ (DPG)

Black Dragon Capital is committed to guiding entrepreneurs through operational support, helping create market-leading companies and providing tried and tested tools that drive value at its portfolio companies.

Accordingly, Black Dragon has created the Dragon Performance Group℠ (DPG), a dedicated team of expert professionals that work alongside portfolio company senior management teams to help them realize their potential. 

The Black Dragon Performance Group℠ team is made up of strategic, financial, industry, managerial, and operational experts, business leaders, and market influencers. It provides expertise across an array of disciplines, including leadership assessment, market analysis, pricing and packaging, competitive analysis, technology, and financial management. Throughout all areas, the founder’s aim is to make them available at much lower costs than consultants or higher quality than companies can afford on their own. 

Their main goal is to work with portfolio company leaders in specific areas to drive value and performance. 

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