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Roundtable Series: CFOs help companies adapt to new technology

Feb 28, 2019

Advances in technology have simplified many of the core accounting responsibilities of CFOs, but it has also complicated their jobs in countless other ways.

From cybersecurity to cloud computing to customers demanding innovative ways to interact with the company, technology has brought many changes that ultimately land on the CFO’s desk.

It’s crucial, then, that companies budget enough resources, pick the right vendors, and adapt swiftly if they’re to remain ahead of the competition. If not, they risk becoming obsolete. Better to be the next Netflix than the next Blockbuster.

Top CFOs from South Florida companies addressed these issues and more at a CFO Roundtable held Feb. 8 at Randstad Professionals in Fort Lauderdale. Moderated by Editor-in-Chief Mel Meléndez, it is part of the Business Journal’s ongoing Roundtable Series, where CEOs, CFOs and HR directors shed light on salient topics of interest to our readers. The conversation was sponsored by MBAF and Randstad Professionals…