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The Black Dragon Toolkit℠

Our proprietary methodology has a proven track record of converting mid-market technology companies into market leaders.

About our approach

Strategic vision

Black Dragon Capital℠ is a private equity firm formed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and operators with a track record of successful investing. We make controlled investments in technology companies with a strong focus on promoting diversity, and a history of delivering attractive returns.


Employee diversity (a)


Average Operating Experience (b)


Enterprise Value Growth (c)

a. Employee Diversity: 75% of all BDC employees are diverse as of November 2021.
b. Average Operating Experience: BDC deal team has an average operating experience of 27 years as of November 2021.
c. Enterprise Value: Enterprise Value of our portfolio has gone up by 715% in absolute terms and 82% on a compounded average basis from March 2018 to Sept 2021

Growing companies

Our portfolio

Black Dragon Capital℠ focuses on high-growth technology sectors that are undergoing accelerated digitization and creating operational and economic opportunities.


Black Dragon has codified and hardened its approach to converting the passionate ideas borne by entrepreneurs into a set of tools and processes that can create market leading companies.

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