Inspired entrepreneurs building inspired companies

Inspired entrepreneurs building inspired companies

“Only a fellow entrepreneur can appreciate the loneliness and joy that is part of inspiring industries and building lasting companies. It is a very passionate life, it's filled with challenges and pitfalls, but the great ones never stop believing and always find a way to win.”

Louis Hernandez Jr. Managing Director,
Black Dragon Capital

Dan Consigli

CFO, Black Dragon Capital

“I believe Black Dragon Capital has a great model compared to traditional private equity firms. With an operational focus, we are able to work with companies to see where they can save time and money to create great companies.”

Hernando Torres

President & CEO, Grupo ASI

” I’ve seen the power of The Black Dragon Playbook™, which includes contacts and networking for new deals, product planning insights, leadership development, templates for valuable financial management, strategic planning and marketing. They deliver the whole nine yards and it’s impressive.”